Why Choose
EMS Training Inc.?



* We have experience - both in the classroom and on the street

Our instructors have years of experience as EMTs and Paramedics in a variety of settings. We know what it takes to make a successful, street-smart EMT.

Many of us are also examiners for the state EMT tests, so weknow exactly what you need to learn in order to to become a Massachusetts certified EMT.

And we're professional instructors. Many of us teach for universities and corporations. We know how to make the material interesting and memorable.

* Our course material goes above and beyond

The U.S. Department of Transportation sets out the minumum standards for EMS classes, and this is what the state exam covers. But it's not all you need to know to be a good EMT. Our courses provide extra information, and more indepth explanations, so that you'll know not only what you should do, but why.

We also provide more practical experience than the required minimum, so you will be more familiar with the equipment and skills you need to know.

And we provide online materials - registered students can login to our classroom area and review class presentations, take sample tests, read real case studies, and download additional information.

* Most of our students are referred by previous students

Ninety percent of our students are either:

  • Students from prior classes, who are returning for refreshers or continuing education
  • Referred by students in previous classes

Many of the area police officers and firefighters get their EMT training from us, because they see the skills their coworkers have acquired, and they know that they'll get the quality of training that they need.

* We stay with you every step of the way to certification

Getting your initial EMT-B certification can be a daunting challenge. But we're here to help you every step of the way, from ensuring that your application is filled out correctly and submitted in time, to bringing our own equipment to the practical exam, so you'll be able to test on the equipment on which you trained.

And because many of our instructors are also state examiners, we can take you through practice sessions that are set up exactly like the practical exam, so you can become comfortable with the format of the test.

* We care -

We care about the quality of our teaching, and we care about the knowledge and skills of the EMTs we train. Shaun Dean founded EMS Training Inc. specifically to provide the highest quality education available for area EMTs. As he often says in class: "Some EMTs may think that's OK, but when I see EMTs that I trained on the street, I expect things to be done RIGHT."



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