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Dates for EMT-B Refresher Courses

This course is the required course for the EMT-Basic seeking to recertify. The course is based on the Department of Transportation's (DOT) 1994 EMT-Basic curriculum.

This course is a minimum of 24 hours in length and consists of lecture or online sessions, along with practical sessions. The material covered in this course is divided into 7 modules. They are as follows; Preparatory, Airway Management, Patient Assessment, Medical Emergencies, Trauma Emergencies, Infants and Children and Operations. A brief description of each module follows.

Module 1 - Preparatory
Topics covered in this module are: EMS systems, the role of the EMT-Basic, the safety and well-being of the EMT-Basic, legal and ethical issues, basic anatomy and physiology, techniques of lifting and moving patients.

Module 2 - Airway Management
Topics covered in this module are: airway anatomy, airway management techniques, oxygen and oxygen equipment

Module 3 - Patient Assessment
Topics covered in this module are: assessment of the medical and trauma patients, vital sign assessment, taking a patient history, documentation, and communication

Module 4 - Medical Emergencies
Topics covered in this module are: pharmacology, respiratory, cardiac, diabetic, allergy, poisoning and overdose, environmental, behavioral and obstetrical / gynecological emergencies

Module 5 - Trauma Emergencies
Topics covered in this module are: bleeding and shock, soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries, injuries to the head, neck, spine, chest and abdomen.

Module 6 - Infants & Children
Topics covered in this module are: physical and physiological differences between adult and pediatric patients, pediatric medical and trauma emergencies

Module 7 - Operations
Topics covered in this module are: ambulance operations, rescue and extrication, multiple patient situations, hazardous materials situations

There is also a written and practical exam for the course. A passing grade is 70% or higher.

This class must be completed by the end of December of the year before your EMT-B card expiration date. For example, if your card expires April 1, 2009, you must pass this course by December 31, 2008.

Here at EMS Training Inc. we offer this course several times per year, both as a "live" traditional classroom course, and as an online course with one 4 hour practical session.

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